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Course Description for HCC241

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Course Name:
Fairmile 10 Miles (January 2011)
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
600865Start on west side of the A329 at the north edge of a gateway just North of the traffc calming Island 200 yards South of the junction with Papist Way.0
604880Go north on the A329 to the Winterbrook E roundabout1.694
603881Take the first exit onto the A4130 to the Winterbrook W roundabout1.776
593891Take the second exit to continue on A4130 to the Hithercroft roundabout2.635
592891Take the second exit to continue on A4130 to the Slade End roundabout3.602
593891Circle the roundabout to retrace on A4130 to the Hithercroft roundabout4.537
603881Take the second exit to continue on he A4130 to Winterbrook W roundabout5.428
593891Circle the roundabout and retrace to Hithercroft roundabout.6.349
592891Continue on A4130 to Slade End roundabout.7.309
593891Circle roundabout and retrace on A4130 to Hithercroft roundabout8.243
603881Continue on A4130 to Winterbrook W roundabout9.134
604880Continue on A4130 to Winterbrook E roundabout9.197
604873Take the third exit onto the A329 and go to the finish 25 yards before the footpath sign to Thames Path and 130 yards before the junction to Caps Lane. The finish is marked on the back of the crash barier in red paint.