Seven reasons to learn shooting

Shooting sports are becoming more and more popular in Poland. It is possible that you are noticing that many of your friends are already part of this trend and you are often hearing conversations about another courses, workshops, competitions and weekend trainings on the shooting range. You may wonder if it’s worth joining them? Maybe you were already considering visiting shooting range, but you are not sure if that is something for you? We present you the seven good reasons, why it is definitively worth to try shooting.


  1. You will finally leave your office. Regular sport activities are one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. And notably the one that is most often broken. That “zeal” will be lsot by the end of the February tops. Unfortunately we are mostly spending our lives sitting behind a desk, on the sofa or in phones. To know that it’s unhealthy is no challenge at all. Trying new, attractive sport discipline might be the best method to finally leave that stagnations and begin to move.

  2. You will lose stress. You most likely don’t lack it in your life after all. Shooting allows you to get rid of bad emotions. On the first hand it guarantees adrenaline outbursts, but on the other hand we must remember that, most of all, the good marksman is the one that is silent, calm and concentrated on his target. When you are focusing on achieving such state of mind, and working on your breathing it will work calming and will reduce any stress and strain in your body.

  3. Shooting skills are useful. Proficiency in using firearms was once very common amongst men. Returning to this tradition is worth it, as we don’t know when it may become necessary again. Of course, nowadays weapons are also used by women. And it’s a good thing – shooting is a sport worth recommending to anyone, regardless of sex or race.

  4. Shooting is enhancing both your body and mind. It is a sport that universally develops any person that trains it. Marksman has to posses strong back and arms, also legs to guarantee proper shooting stance and precision of taken shots. One has to also fully control his mind and emotions, to fully focus on one thing. In times of multitasking, such skill are priceless, as most people have blurred focus, which is a plague that led to problems with concentration.

  5. New passion enriches life. It is definitely worthy learning something new through your whole life. It develops and makes your life colourful. Of course it does not have to be shooting, but there is a reason for it to be more and more popular.

  6. You will have new possibilities for development. Shooting sports require a constant practice and learning. Typically that starts from recreational shooting range trips to evolve in time into wish of attending the course, to systemize acquired knowledge and grind abilities. And that’s just the beginning. For many people, having shooting skills on at least semi advanced level a path of many courses and workshops opens. For example on combat or long distance shooting. The challenge is there for the taking.

  7. You will meet new friends. Attending shooting range, shooting course and engaging new sport discipline means new and interesting people, that will be connected to you through passion. It is a great idea for people, that are whining, that it is hard to meet someone new after graduating. And often enough, such friendships will go beyond shooting.

Was it convincing? Of course there is no guarantee that you will like this sport, however it is also worth trying. It would be a shame to miss a great opportunity, right?