How to properly learn shooting?

In childhood, many of us were dreaming about shooting like our favourite heroes from action movies or computer games. Some of us were to spend hours outside, running with plastic rifles or simply wooden sticks. In times, most of such dreams are in the past, similar to many other childish fantasies. We are often limiting ourselves to shooting on the screens of computers or TVs. However, for some of us that not enough. And everything points out the fact, that this group is getting larger and larger every consecutive day.


Shooting is becoming a popular hobby. Not ony true enthusiasts but whole families are attending shooting ranges, looking for an original and interesting way to spend time together during the weekends. There is also growing number of organisations that are helping to learn and have fun while doing so. There is nothing on your way to rediscover those childhood dreams and develop deep understanding and skills in shooting. How to do that properly? Where to start?


Learning to shoot with an instructor

At the beginning you should reserve yourself a visit at the shooting range and buy a shooting package. It is an ideal solution for those, who are lacking experience with this sport and want to check if shooting is indeed something for them. It will apply also when you are totally green in the subject. It is worth knowing, that instructor’s care is included in every shooting package you can purchase. Therefore, before we will lay our hands on any weapon, the proper theoretical training will be conducted to ready us for such activity. Instructor will explain how to work with a gun, move through the shooting range unharmed and stay safe in general. Additionally any participant will learn basics on usage of weaponry, including aiming, shooting, holding a gun and maintaining a shooting stance. And when shooting finally starts, the same instructor will be advising in case of any mistakes or questions. Such method of learning and having fun will be a valuable, safe experience and start to mastering more advanced techniques. During the whole course of shooting package usage, everyone is allowed to ask for everything.


Basic course on sport shooting

If such learning will show us, that we really want to get deeper into this great sport, it is worth considering the basic course on sport shooting. This kind of courses is organised on most of the shooting ranges, with Cracow Shooting Academy being no exception. Basic course is designed for people without any experience, although it is worth to visit a shooting range casually beforehand as mentioned before.


What is to learn on such course? It is composed of theoretical and practical parts. Theory focuses on law issues surrounding weaponry, then goes deep into proper techniques of maintaining and using firearms. Participants are learning everything on stances, aiming, and trigger operation. Additionally, those skills are followed by learning about weaponless training, which will allow them to master those techniques home, for later usage on any shooting range they will be fancy visiting. Next step is to try new abilities in practice on the shooting stations. Typically on basic course there are at least one hundred shots to perform, which generally allows to properly grind acquired abilities.


Of course, the course is just the beginning of a bigger journey. Without regular trainings on the gym and working on acquired skills whether weaponless or on shooting range it is almost impossible to be a good marksman. In time, it is also worthy to attend higher grade courses, thematical workshops and so on, to further master elements of shooting techniques and focus attention to many different types of firearm.