Great stag or hen night? Shooting range should make for a blast!

It’s an old tradition to bid farewell to your single status as pompously as possible. Similarly as the idea of separating bride from groom on that time. Once it was centered around preparations for the wedding, now it’s all about having a good fun. And as it can last, both stag and hen parties are being thrown mostly week or two before the ceremony itself, so everyone can have a proper rest.

How to organize a good stag or hen night? It is believed, that such task should be performed by either best mates or other close related persons. It is important for details of such party to remain secret. Of course, as in other aspects of life, there are different trends. Not so long ago, that trends oscillated around clubbing, obviously with erotic jokes, either as gadgets, suits or even involving the famous cake. Nowadays, such parties are much more often being seen as simple and generally with bad taste. Trendy proposition would require a thematic stag or hen night. Joined, for example, by degustation, cooking lessons, off-road, horse riding and so on. All depends on organizer’s imagination and preferations. 

There is a growing popularity of choosing a shooting range for such party. One could say, that surely for men, but what about women? Well, what about them? It is a known stereotype that women don’t like guns and would only have fun at spa. Cracow Shooting Academy is a company that specializes in this kind of events and at their shooting range in Pasternik (located near Cracow) they were hosting many parties for a group of friends surrounding their bride-to-be. What’s actually interesting, ladies are often doing very well. Even if they hadn’t any contact with weapon so far. Some of them are even coming back, as shooting has a huge potential on being your next passion. That’s why both men and women should bid farewell to their single status at shooting range. That surely stands for an event both exciting and unforgettable.

How does it look on stag or hen night organized by Cracow Shooting Academy? An event is organized in Pasternik, near Cracow. It is a well-communicated place, which allows you to make it an element of your party plans, joining great thematic time with after party at clubs. You can reach that shooting range either by public communication, taxi or use lent bus – which works for organized groups. You can also throw a party here. Area belonging to Cracow Shooting Academy contains a pub, where you can have a good time [doing… tu artykuł jest ucięty]. There is also a place for a barbecue or campfire. Provided there is a good weather, you can have a night by the stars.

Cracow Shooting Academy organizes events for complete beginners as well. That’s why any meeting at shooting range starts with thorough training of basic rules on safety while handling a weapon. Qualified instructors teach how to maintain correct shooting stance and show how to aim, with every kind of provided weapon. You can also learn a lot of handful facts about shooting as a whole. Every participant receives a protective glasses and ANS headphones for the whole and safe experience.

Participants of hen or stag night can choose between many shooting packages (ranging from 30 to 70 shots, from different kinds of weapon) or create their own package for the party.