Stag night? Have a blast… at shooting range!

Are you looking for the great idea for stag night? Throw a party at the shooting range. You’ll have a blast! Literally!
If you are a best mate or simply a best buddy to a groom-to-be, you’ll have a true challenge of providing him with a night to remember. If you think, that all it takes is to order pizza, refrigerate some booze and invite striper… well you might be right. But have in mind, that such excitements are nowadays more often taken as in bad taste rather than exciting. Especially when your group has its student times left behind in student dormitory. In that situation, you have to do better. These days, stag nights have a theme (no, that’s no vodka…)
Ideally, you have to do something cool together. Something full of adrenaline, lasting long in the memories of participants. Every typically manly activities are in place. Which ones? For example stag night at shooting range. 
Cracow Shooting Academy is a company specialized in organizing such events, including integration and private parties. They also possess big experience in throwing stag nights. Is it worth it? Stag night is an adventure. Importantly, Cracow Shooting Academy has a prestige level shooting range at its disposal, located in Pasternik, near Cracow. There are dozens of indoor shooting stations at this place (25 and 50 meters) so you are able to invite a large group of friends.
How it works during the stag night?
Much depends on the schedule worked between the company and organizer, however there are few obligatory stages. First of them involves meeting with instructors, who teach safety rules when it comes to handling a weapon and behave on the shooting range. Every participant learns how every kind of presented weapon works. Cracow Shooting Academy employs only truly passionate people as instructors, so there is an opportunity to learn a lot of interesting stuff. Training ends with aiming and shooting stance lessons. Then, everyone can go to their positions.
How many shots do I have? Which weapon will I use?
Everything depends on the package that will be chosen. You can either pickup premade one or create something new, provided it will be consulted in advance. Packages contain different kinds of weapons: revolvers, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and historical weapons, dated back to Second World War. For example, buying I Basic package you will shot thirty times with Colt 1911, MP5 Submachine and Glock, ten shots for each gun. In most expensive package (Badass) there are seventy shots and you will be testing: AK-47, UZI Submachine, 357 Magnum, Glock, AR15 and a shotgun. Instructors can advise you on the package you should pick up, depending on the situation, experience and interest of your guests.
Importantly enough, Pasternik shooting range has large area, allowing to organize a barbecue or campfire party. There is also a bar for every guest that arrives at stag night. It’s up to you, to utilize those features to achieve best evening with your buddies. Cracow Shooting Academy guarantees that it will be both tense and fun experience, suited for true men. Here on the shooting range, you will fulfill your dreams about shooting and becoming action movie hero. And, who knows? Maybe one of you will find his new passion here?