Shooting course – how does it look like?

Shooting courses in Poland are growing in popularity every day. It is connected to popularity of shooting sports and weaponry as a whole. More and more people are interested in this discipline, which can be seen for example in the growing number of applications for weapon license.


We are more eager to be a part of such attractions as recreational shooting, available to us in many shooting ranges across the whole country. And even though you can safely practice with instructor without any additional courses or licences, many people have a natural desire to improve their abilities and have even more pleasure in shooting. That is why they are attending shooting courses/


What are the courses worth considering? If you are just beginning your adventure with shooting, you should start with basic sport shooting courses. In the large offer of such courses there are both trainings on short weaponry, which is becoming more and more popular, and less typica, where people are working with shotguns and assault rifle, which stand for long weapons.


What can you learn on such course? On the basic level you will start with solid chunk of theory to chew off. You will get to know various rules and customs when dealing with weaponry, and you will learn about safe procedures when approaching shooting in general. It is more important than technique itself, as any true marksman should consider his or hers safety to be the first priority. Of course, the techniques shortly follow. On the basic level you are learning about maintaining shooting stance and proper weapon holding – without those element, you can’t really approach precise shooting. Participants are also learning how to properly work with trigger and aiming equipment. Additionally they are learning a technique of weapon-less training, which allow them to train their muscles toward further courses and shooting, even at home. Obviously, course contains shooting in practice.


After finishing your basic course, you can approach next levels, which will allow you to grind the specific elements of shooting techniques, and in consequence – improving your scores on the shooting range. On the higher levels of advancement you will learn to move with weapon, pulling the trigger even faster and changing magazines during the shootout. Of course on every level of advancement you get to try those skills in practice.


How to choose a good shooting course

Due to the growing trend of visiting shooting ranges by many people, the offers and companies are no more lacking. How to choose the best amongst them? What should I consider first? What to pay attention to? Most of all, we should study the exact description of course. The more details attached, the better the course will be. It is also important to know how many hours of training you will get within said course.


It is also important, who is conducting the course. Cracow Shooting Academy has greatly qualified instructors, who are not only very proficient in teaching, but are also great marksman themselves, which is confirmed by their scores on various competitions and event. With such cadre you are guaranteed to succeed and improve the best way possible.


It is of great importance, that company has also a great and large area, prepared for such courses in two places: in Cracow and Białka Tatrzańska.