Unconventional hen night? Think about shooting range!

Hen night is a specific party. Traditionally, last evening before marriage involves spending time with friends and family to get ready before wedding and any ceremonial customs you will face. Nowadays, hen night takes place a little bit earlier, a week in most cases, and is basically a big party, focused around a bride-to-be in her special time of life.
And if you happen to be a bridesmaid, or just a best friend to that person, it is your duty to organize that party.
Most likely, you went through a lot of spa evenings, inviting specific make-up artists or any other women entertainment offers on the market. How about breaking the stereotypes and throwing a party that your bride-to-be least expects? Hen party at shooting range is a guarantee of surprise combined with great fun. It doesn’t matter if your friend had never imagined herself with micro UZI or assault rifle In her hands. We’ll make it worth her while.

Cracow Shooting Academy is a company, that specializes in organizing such events and shooting parties. It possess a suitable, well equipped place in Pasternik, near Cracow. Additionally, experienced instructors will help you during planning of such event, so it performs great. How does it look?

You can arrive at shooting range on public communication or car, but you can also lend a bus, which will take you back to the city after the evening. It’s the best option for organized group. After coming to the shooting range you will begin with rules (attention – everyone has to be sober during the event, no entry shots before the party!) and safety during handling of weapon. Experienced instructors of Cracow Shooting Academy can teach that to anyone, event people that will be holding a gun for the first time in their life. Next step focuses on learning to aim and maintaining correct shooting stance. After that, all it takes is choosing a weapon (that depends on bought package) and go for the sighting station to check on the learned skills. Interestingly enough, beginners often have very good results. Who knows? Maybe such event will start a new adventure for one of the participants?

What are the weapons, that can be tested? In Cracow Shooting Academy your choice is very big: assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, revolvers and historical weapons – to each her own. The choice depends on the package, that you bought when signing for hen party. It is worth to consult your package with instructors, as they are familiar which of them are best for beginners. For example, if Basic package is chosen, you have thirty shots, divided between three different kinds of weapon: Colt 1911, MP5 Submachine and Glock, while Badass package allows for taking up to 70 shots per weapon, including shotgun. You can always design your own package with instructors.

Importantly, in Cracow Shooting Academy, hen night on shooting range does not have to end with the last taken shot. The place has a nice bar and is equipped with a place for campfire or barbecue. You can have a blast at the bar, followed by the party under the stars.