Who can apply to get permission for weapon?

Poland is considered a country in which it is relatively hard to get a permission for gun. It results in quite small number of people, which are in possession of such document. Recently, however, the number of interested people grows. More and more people manage to pass complicated procedures. Who can apply to get permission for weapon? How to approach the subject? This manual will help you take this problem head on.

Conditions you should meet
There are few basic conditions. Most importantly only a person with permanent residence may try to get such permission. Besides, you have to be over twenty one years old, although there is an exception here. In case of adult competitors of sports club it is possible to get the permission even without the last condition, as it supports the sporting goals of the club.

Permission may be granted only to someone, who wasn’t sentenced by court for a crime purposely committed. Importantly, this rule does apply to any crime, not just involving weapons. Full legal responsibility stands for another important condition. The last factor lies in having physical and psychological condition, verified by government specialists.

Those are the indispensable conditions, which must be met in order to apply. How does it look?

How to apply for this permission? 
Application must be send to our voivodship’s commandant of the Police. It must be constructed based on the specific template and contain any required information. Beside personal data, there should be also lines about the kind and number of weapons we have and our goals in possessing them. Such goal must be somehow supported.

How to support your goals in possessing a weapon?
If we are applying in strictly competitive reasons, we should send documents confirming our affiliation to sport clubs, with document of PZSS (Polish Sport Shooting Federation) stating that we have proper qualifications.
If we are applying as a collectors, we should present documents confirming our affiliation to association of such sort.
If we are applying for a historical weapons, document confirming our affiliation to association with such goals clearly stated in their statute. Then a confirmation of activity should be provided as well.
If we want to have a weapon as a part of our instructor job, we must provide a document confirming our qualifications and skills, which are stated by other rules, applying here.
If we are applying to have a weapon as a memorability, we should attach a testament, donation document or distinction that we received. 
If we are applying to have a weapon for hunting, we must provide documents of PZŁ (Polish Hunting Association) considering our qualifications and membership. 
If we want to have a weapon as a mean of self-defense, the document confirming a constant, real treat of our life and well-being will be required. In opposition to previous situations, there are no clear requirements in this departments, which is why, this is the hardest kind of permission to get.

In the end, applying person has to pass an exam and get a positive opinion from the Police of region he or she is living. It is worthy to get past all the obstacles and requirements, as the shooting is great adventure and hobby, while learned skills can apply in your real life.