Unforgettable, manly party at the shooting range

How to organize enjoyable stag night in Cracow? City is famous for its rich night life and it is being chosen more and more often as a place of this type of parties, not just by the citizens but also by the outsiders, coming to loudly bid farewell to their freedom. However a vast number of clubs doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself solely with ideas involving having fun in pubs. Cracow has much more to offer. For example – exciting events on the shooting range. How about a real manly adventure? Just you, your pals and a weapon taken from action movies? AK-47, UZI and many other legendary rifles and pistols allow for a night to remember!

Organizing stag parties at the shooting range is provided by Cracow Shooting Academy. Company has big and well equipped place at its disposal, located within the surroundings of Cracow – in Pasternik to be exact. This place is well communicated with town, so there is no problem to reach it using public transport and then order a taxi by night. For bigger, organized groups there is a possibility of transport by lent bus – it is the best solution if you are planning to have a huge stag night, with shooting range being one of many elements in your plans around Cracow.

Scenario of such stag night on the shooting range is following: first, you are meeting with instructor, who is teaching you about rules of both place and weapon handling. Then you are shown the basics of usage of different kinds of weapon, you’ll be shooting later on. On this stage you can learn many fascinating facts about shooting as a whole, because Cracow Shooting Academy is full of passionate instructors and experienced competitors, with many successes on their account. From this point, you just need to learn how to maintain shooting stance and aim correctly and the theory is over. Time to go for some practice.
On your station you’ll have a possibility to perform shots on 25 and 50 meters. There is also a tour 100 meters long, however that’s a challenge for more experienced people.

What can you shoot with? Cracow Shooting Academy has many different kinds of weapons. Ranging from classic AK-47 and UZI, through a Colt, to historical weapons, dated back to Second World War. What will become part of your stag night depends solely on the package, you want to buy. The largest, called Badass, has up to 70 shots from different guns, including UZI, Glock and Shotgun.

Nothing stand on your way to create your own package. If you prefer specific kind of weapon or need more shots, you just need to contact instructors ahead, as they need to prepare individual offer for you.
After the shooting you can either leave the place or keep having a good time at range. There is a pub in the area of shooting range in Pasternik. You can also spend your free time, doing barbecue or spending your time by the campfire. 

Who could enjoy such party? Actually every man, that still has childhood dreams of becoming a superhero, staring in the action movies or just interested in weaponry. That means – every man that walks the Earth. As instructors are fluent in English, you may invite every friend, even from abroad.