Hen party on shooting range!

Woman with a rifle? Woman with a revolver? Not exactly the first thing that comes to your mind, when thinking about women fun activities. Or is it? Visiting a shooting range may be a wonderful fun for a women. Definitely it is less trivial and much more memorable than, for example, visiting spa, even if relaxing massage is always pleasant.

Therefore it is more and more often a case, that hen night does not take place in club or spa, but actually on shooting range. Heck, bride-to-be will be surely positively surprised and delighted with such idea. Do you want to organize hen night for your friend at shooting range? Cracow Shooting Academy can help you with that perfect party. It will be surely full of good fun and adrenaline. 

Cracow Shooting Academy is a group of qualified instructors and shooting enthusiasts, experienced in organizing both corporate and private shooting events. Company has big and well equipped shooting range at its disposal, located near Cracow. Place so well communicated with the city, you don’t have to worry about coming back and forth, especially planning more attractions during night. For bigger groups, there is a possibility to lend a bus, which simplifies further organizing of the hen night. 

How does it look on the shooting range? At the beginning every participant takes elementary course in weapon handling. It is very important, as every recreation event has to be both fun and safe! Additionally one can learn a lot interesting facts about used weapons. Which there are loads. Assault rifles, pistols, revolvers, historical weapons, dated back to the Second World War. Instructors are very passionate and dedicated to their job, to cover such facts. Last stage in the basic course allows to learn about aiming, holding a weapon and maintaining correct shooting stance. And now, equipped with protection glasses, headphones and weapon, you march to your stations. Time to check on the skills, you’ve just acquired! And who knows, maybe the one you least expect of handling the gun will beat you all?

The amount of shots every one of you has, depends on the bought package. It’s a matter worth consulting with our instructors before hen night, as they can provide best options for the group. Additionally it might be a good idea to gift your bride-to-be with largest of those packages. It is a well-known fact that a best way to handle a hen night involves a sniper rifle!

Shooting event doesn’t have to end here. Cracow Shooting Academy owns a pub, where you are welcome to have a good time. Also, with a good weather, there is a place for organizing a barbecue or outdoor party around campfire. 

Hen night at shooting range is not a typical idea, but it’s good to have an original one, especially when you want to surprise your bride-to-be. You do not need any special training or knowledge before such event. Just have a nice, comfortable outfit, suited for such activity. Even in secret – tell your participants to have sport wear with flat shoes. High heels and dresses can come back later on, when you decide to conquer the city at night.