Will shooting become your new passion?

Few years ago, shooting would rather stand for a niche sport. Of course, we had some competitors with great success on international level, yet it was not generating too much of interest. In case of weapon permissions, the situation was pretty much the same. There was a scarce number of people volunteering to pass complicated procedures. Now, something has definitely changed – Poles start to love weaponry, more often than not, they want to have one, and above all – they want to know how to use it.

Why, nowadays, visiting shooting range is growing in popularity? For example, you can come during weekend with your whole family to recreationally shoot or use the opportunity for a regular training.

In Cracow, one of the most popular shooting ranges is the one located in Pasternik, owned by Shooting Cracow Academy. It is a big and perfectly equipped place, where everyone will find something for themselves. Dozens of covered shooting stances on distances of 25 and 50 meters are guarantying a lot of possibilities. For advanced shooters, there is a distance of 100 meters.

How to start your shooting adventure?
Shooting Cracow Academy is an ideal place if you want to check out if that’s something for you. In the beginning it is advisable to buy a shooting package and come to the shooting range, to learn basics with instructor and later shoot at very first targets. You don’t need any permissions or skills to enjoy such offer. The choice of packages is very large. They are differing in the number of shots and kinds of weapons we will have a chance to test.
In Cracow Shooting Range Academy, choice is very large. From classical pistols and revolver, through famous AK-47 rifle to sniper rifles. There is also a historical weaponry among the propositions, which is dated back to World War Two. Before buying a package you can ask, which one is best suited for a beginner.

What next?
If few visits to shooting range showed you, that such sport stands for an interesting idea to spend your free time, you should consider making another step. Enrolling on the basic shooting course will let you memorize and polish your informations and basics about handling the weapon, maintaining shooting stance or aiming. 
With that achieved you will find yourself confident enough to shoot individually. If you find that interesting, you can try to get a shooting license? Why is it important? Because it is the first and crucial step to get a full permission for weapon. Such license confirms your skills in handling the weapon for sports. It does not mean, that you have to attend sporting competition or become pro – many amateurs are doing it strictly for fun. With such license you can rent a place on the shooting range, when you will be shooting without the need to incorporate an instructor, of course under conditions of obeying the rules and safety measures.

Why shooting is an interesting passion?
Shooting sports are like the combination of fire and ice – they give you the adrenaline and quiet the emotions, because they require a perfect concentration. They help relax, teach to focus, improve condition and coordination of your body. Additionally, entering the shooting environment is a way to find some new, interesting friends, as the community is healthy and still growing.