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Course Description for HCC204

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Ashford Hill Circuit 10/20 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
Start on the B3051, approximately 200 yards East of Ashford Hill, at field gate 50 yards west of TP GPO 24/690.000
567629Go to junction signposted "Brimpton 1½ - Newbury 8"
567632Fork left (M1) avoiding narrow lane on left, and proceed to road junction opposite TP No 329, where give way
559648Turn left (M2) and then bear left to the corner by the "Three Horseshoes" at Brimpton
526645Bear sharp left at the through Brimpton towards Newbury to the junction on the left at Crookham Common signposted "Newbury 5½ Thatcham 2"
506635Turn left (M3) and proceed to the junction with A339
514626Turn left (M4) onto the A339 and proceed to the junction on the left in Headley signposted "Ashford Hill 2¾"
555619Turn left (M5) and proceed to the junction with B3051 where give way
Turn left (M6) onto the B3051 and go over Ashford Hill to the at the start point (End of first circuit)10.000
Repeat the circuit where finish20.000