Safety first: ensuring a secure experience at the shooting range

Combining real guns, loud bangs, and shell casings flying through the air with adrenaline and excitement might not initially sound like a recipe for safety. However, any employee at a shooting range will tell you that safety is the top priority. It surpasses customer satisfaction, instructor comfort, and company profits. This article will cover essential safety rules, methods for enhancing safety, and protective measures. Cracow Shooting Academy stands as a prime example.


Safety regulations and rules at the shooting range

Everyone who handles a firearm must be familiar with the four fundamental rules of gun safety, often summarized by the acronym W.B.E.T.: Weapon, Barrel, Environment, Trigger.


  1. WEAPON: Assume all weapons are loaded until confirmed otherwise, typically verified by our instructors at the shooting range.
  2. BARREL: Always point the muzzle in a safe direction. At the shooting range, this means pointing towards the "bullet trap" where all targets are positioned. Instructors supervise and correct any violations of this rule.
  3. ENVIRONMENT: Be aware of your surroundings. Ensure no one is in front of the shooting line and that everyone is wearing appropriate eye and ear protection. The instructor will signal when it’s safe to begin shooting.
  4. TRIGGER: Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Place your finger on the trigger only after receiving the weapon from the instructor and being given the go-ahead to shoot. If a malfunction occurs or you have any doubts, remove your finger from the trigger and consult the instructor while keeping the weapon pointed at the target.


Occupational health and safety at the shooting range

The "shooting leaders" are responsible for maintaining safety and order on the range. Every instructor undergoes a course that qualifies them to manage and instruct shooters. Only employees are permitted to enforce additional safety regulations. At Cracow Shooting Academy, each shooter has a dedicated instructor. If there are multiple shooters, they will take turns, each having the full attention of an instructor.

Non-shooters must stay behind designated red lines to avoid distractions. This rule applies whether it's a small group or a large event. To protect hearing and sight, everyone at the range must wear ear and eye protection. Shots can reach up to 140 decibels, which can damage hearing, and flying shell casings can pose a risk.


Additional safety measures

In the unlikely event that other safety measures fail, all instructors at Cracow Shooting Academy are trained in first aid, particularly for gunshot-related injuries. The range is equipped with professional first aid kits, including tourniquets certified by the American Heart Association, hemostatic dressings, and dressings for chest wounds. Additionally, the range boasts an extensive ventilation and fire extinguishing system to manage harmful fumes and suppress fires. Manual fire extinguishers are also strategically placed around the range.


Your role in safety

At Cracow Shooting Academy, the safety of clients and instructors is paramount, contributing to the company's record of zero serious accidents. As a customer, you also play a vital role in maintaining safety. Listen to your instructors and adhere to the safety rules provided before you begin shooting. And remember, while safety is the priority, having fun is important too. Enjoy your time at the range responsibly!