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Course Description for HCC243

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Cholsey Hilly 10 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
587911Start by the Give Way sign at the eastern exit from Hill Road, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell just south of the Wallingford-Didcot road, A4130.0
566907Turn left onto A4130 and go westwards to the fork where the A4130 turns sharp right and bear left onto the minor Wallingford Road towards North Moreton1.409
561906Enter the village and turn left into High Street2.192
562880Continue along High Street and climb Dunsomer Hill to the railway bridge. (Great Care on narrow bridge with blind corner and 10mph speed limit.) Continue southwards on Sands Road into South Moreton and bear left along the High Street to turn left at the sign post Cholsey 2¼, Wallingford 2¾)3.411
573883Go east under the railway (Care through narrow bridge with oncoming traffic in road centre) to fork right towards Cholsey at the bottom of Cholsey Hill.4.059
587867Climb Cholsey Hill, descend Church Road and cross over the railway (Care on hump backed bridge) into Cholsey Village to the min-roundabout where turn left into Wallingford Road. (Care, give way to traffic from the right)5.452
604881Continue on Wallingford Road to the A4130 Wallingford By-pass at Winterbrook West roundabout and take the first exit to turn left, giving way to traffic from the right. (Care)6.747
593891Continue on A4130 to Hithercroft roundabout and take the second exit to continue straight on.7.623
593907Continue to Slade End roundabout. Take the first exit to turn left.8.565
573912Go westwards on A4130 along the Brightwell-cum-Sotwell by-pass past Sotwell Road, the start point at the High Road east exit , the High Road west exit to the Didcot Road exit with bollards9.963
573912Continue for a further 78 yards to finish 13 yards before the third drain and opposite the 4th fence post on the left from the centre of a small tree with several trunks and just past a field gate opening on the north side of the road.10.00