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Course Description for HCC227

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Black Park Circuit 10 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
004824Start in Rowley Lane Wexham level with the Horses/Bends sign approx 100 yards from the junction with Black Park road0
006824Proceed east to the junction with A4120.624
021828Turn left (M1) onto the A412 and proceed to Five Points roundabout1.562
995853Take the first exit (M2) past Pinewood Studio to the junction with Framewood Road4.297
992839Turn Left (M3) to the junction on left with Rowley Lane5.079
006824Turn left (M4) through the start to the junction with the A4126.52
021828Turn left (M5) onto the A412 to the Five Points roundabout7.457
006845Turn left (M6) to junction with Black Park Road.9.407
Turn left onto Black Park road and continue to a point between two small trees on the verge approximately 60 yards before a gateway on the left, and approximately 400 yards from the junction with Rowley Lane where finish.