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Course Description for HCC212

Course Code:
Course Name:
Whiteleaf Hilly 14 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
825035Start at the top of Whiteleaf Hill by the water tower0
836018Proceed south-east to crossroads
853022Turn left (M1) and continue through Great Hampden to Little Hampton cross roads
851031Turn left (M2) and proceed to "T" junction
845038Turn left (M3) (care) and proceed to fork in road
822049Turn left (M4) over Longdown Hill to the junction on left by the golf course
818040Turn left (M5) at golf course to Whiteleaf
825035Turn left (M) to the top of Whiteleaf Hill to finish at start point (end of first circuit) (Check)7
Repeat course (end of second circuit) where finish14