CTT London West District

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Course Description for H50/1a

Course Code:
Course Name:
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
583666Start at the western exit of the lay-by on the south side of the A4 at the top of ‘Sunrising Hill’ 10 feet west of a lamp post marked WM43 situated at the western end of the large wooded island between the A4 and the lay-by. After 35 yards join the A4. (Great care of traffic from behind over the hill on the right-hand bend) (M1)0
541668Proceed westwards to go through Woolhampton and Midgham to the Kennet Park roundabout , to go straight across (M2) 2nd exit keeping on the A4.2.647
532672Continue to the Thatcham roundabout (1st turn - M3, M4) , signal, move into the right-hand lane, circle and take the third exit.3.412
541668Retrace to the Kennet Park roundabout.4.021
603676Go straight across (sign) and continue to go through Midgham and Woolhampton to the Aldermaston roundabout (M5).8.054
632707Go straight across keeping on the A4 to the Pangbourne roundabout at the junction with the A340.(2nd turn) take the 5th exit (M6, 7, 8, 9) back on to the A4.10.922
603676Retrace on the Bath Road to go straight across the Aldermaston roundabout (M10)13.591
583666Continue to go past the start point lay-by. (1st lap)14.974
583666Continue to repeat course (2nd Lap)29.948
583666Continue to complete a 3rd lap going past the start point.44.922
541668Continue to go straight across the Kennet Park roundabout47.57
532672to the Thatcham roundabout (7th turn)(M3, M4).48.335
541668Retrace to the Kennet Park roundabout (M) going straight across on the A4 to48.943
558666LP47 at the eastern end of the bus stop lay-by just beyond the large sign "Your Pet’s Shop" and the entrance to ‘Garth House’ where finish.50