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Course Description for H25/17

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Course Name:
Cumnor-Kingston Bagpuize 25 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
465036Start on the corner of the westbound slip road leading from the B4017 near Cumnor to the A420, five yards east and before lamp post number four and the ‘Give Way’ signs0
463034Go down the slip road to join the A420 westbound (care of fast traffic from the right—warning sign)
451007Continue to the A338 roundabout and take the second exit to continue along the A420. (Sign M1)2.276
407986Continue to the large roundabout on the Kingston Bagpuise by-pass. Take the second exit to continue straight on along the A420 (Sign, M2 and M3)5.417
300953Turn around the A420-A417 Stanford road roundabout at the top of the hill before Faringdon and take the third exit to return eastwards on the A420. (Care) (Check, Sign M4, M5)13.015
407986Continue to the Kingston Bagpuise roundabout13.221
407986Continue to the Kingston Bagpuise roundabout and take the second exit to go straight on along the Kingston Bagpuise by-pass. (M6, M7)20.564
451007Go straight on along A420 at the A338 roundabout on the next stretch of dual carriageway in Tubney Wood (Sign)23.719
462022Take the first exit to continue on A420 to finish near the top of Bessels Leigh hill about 363 yards east of the bus stop lay-by at the bottom and four yards east of and beyond the road sign ‘Oxford A420, Cumnor 1½ Miles’, four yards west of a drain and almost opposite the centre of the upper of two roads on the west leading to Wootton25