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Course Description for H25/2

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Handy Cross - Marlow 25 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
855906Start on the A404 approximately 0.4 mile south of Handy Cross roundabout, in the first lay-by on the east side of the road, at a point at the southern end of the pathway, where the width of the lay-by Starts to decrease, directly opposite a drain.
Go south, going straight across (M1 & M2) at the A308/A404 roundabout to the junction with the A4, where take the left hand slip road (M3 & M4) to the Maidenhead Thicket roundabout.
857807Take third exit (M5, M6 & M7) to join the A4 towards Reading.6.9
Go straight ahead at Maidenhead Business Park roundabout (M8 & M9) and keep straight-ahead (M10) at the Burchetts Green mini-roundabout.
Go straight through Knowl Hill and Hare Hatch to the A321 Twyford roundabout where go straight across (M11 & M12) and, taking care at the pedestrian lights at Charvil (M13), continue to the Sonning Junction roundabout.
771757Circle the roundabout (M14, M15 & M16) (Check) and retrace, taking care at the pedestrian lights at Charvil (M13) to go straight across (M11 & M12) at the A321 Twyford roundabout and through Hare Hatch and Knowl Hill to the mini-roundabout at the Burchetts Green mini roundabout, where bear right (M10 & M17) still on the A4 to the Maidenhead Business Park roundabout13.59
857808Go straight on (M8 & M9) to the Maidenhead Thicket roundabout.20.1
Bear left (M18) down slip road to join A423/A404 to the A308 roundabout where take second exit (M1 & M2) on A404 to a point 17 yards past the centre of a foot bridge over the road, and 32 yards short of lamp post No 14 where finish.