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Course Description for H10/22

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Marlow 10 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
863877Start 1 yard short of the "Clearway" sign on the southbound slip road from the A4155 roundabout to the A404 north-east of Marlow0
Join the A404 under the footbridge, giving way to traffic on A404 from the right. (Advance Sign)0.297
851847Continue on A404 over the river Thames bridge to the roundabout junction with A308. (Care, M1)1.994
Take the second exit to continue southwards on A404
Continue straight on past the slip road to the A4130 (Care).3.406
858806Bear left (M2) up the slip road to the A4 Maidenhead Thicket roundabout, circle around it (Care) and take the 4th exit back onto the A404 (M3, M4, M5) (Care of very fast traffic from the right coming off the A404M) (Advance Sign)5.279
850847Continue northwards on A404 straight on past the slip road to A4130 to the roundabout with A308. (Care on very fast descent into roundabout)8.363
860865Take the second exit, still on A404. Care. Give way to traffic from the right and that emerging with poor visibility from the road from Bisham on the left (sign) )M6, M7)9.593
863870Continue on A404 to finish at a point 189 yards south of and before the centre of the footbridge over the A404 to the Marlow Office Park, 23 yards before the large road sign to "Wycombe A404, Aylesbury A4015, Marlow and Bourne End A4155, a yard before the third drain before that sign and in line with a lamp post in the adjoining road in the Office Park.. .10