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Course Description for H10/1

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Woolhampton 10 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
601675Start on the A4, approximately 4.5 miles west of M4 junction 12, at the western end of a long lay-by on the south side of the road approximately 50 yards west of the junction with the A340, and approximately 100 yards short of the minor road junction to Aldermaston station - 10 yards short of the lay-by end and 32 yards short of lamp post No. 92.0.000
521668Go west along the A4 through Woolhampton to go straight across the Kennet Park roundabout (M1) and continue on the A4 to the next roundabout at the junction with Piper’s Way on the south. (M2, M3, M4) (Turn) (Check)3.915
532673Circle the roundabout, taking great care to watch for vehicles emerging from Piper’s Way and from the A4 out of Thatcham, and retrace along the A4 to go straight across the Kennet Park roundabout (M5) to continue on the A4 through Woolhampton.5.271
603674Continue past the start point on the south side to go straight across the Aldermaston roundabout at the A4/A340 junction (M6) (care, traffic from the right) to the short dual carriageway where after 548 yards and at a point on the north side at the centre of a gateway to a field with a metal lead-in, and 11 yards short of LP30 finish9.304