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Course Description for H10/10

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Fifield 10 Miles
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
922742Start on the Drift Road approximately 220 yards north of its junction with Winkfield Lane, opposite the end of the fence by the farm gate, approximately 13 yards short of power pole0
873750Proceed north along the Drift Road to the roundabout at its junction with the A3303.28
Turn left (M1) onto the A330 up Hawthorn Hill, through Maidens Green and Winkfield, bearing left on the B3022 to the junction with the Drift Road at Cranbourne
928731Turn left (M2) onto the Drift Road, through the start, past New Lodge, to Finish at Drift Road, opposite a large fir tree by a fence approximately 280 yards short of the junction with Fifield Lane on the left.8.13